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Woodland Caribou Hunting

With Conne River Outfitting

The Woodland Caribou is the most regal of the Caribou species. With huge bodies, white manes and magnificent, cinnamon colored antlers with lots of mass and points, they make phenomenal trophies.

Newfoundland is currently the only place in the world where these magnificent animals can be hunted by non-residents. We prefer to hunt caribou when they begin the rut in October, although they can found around our camps from September – November. Once in the rut, the caribou will form small herds of 12-40 animals and these herds will usually contain several large trophy bulls.

Hunting from our caribou camps in area 64, we typically spot the Caribou from a look-out and glass them to determine trophy quality of the bulls, and then plan a stalk.

Woodland Caribou can be combined with Moose hunts and both species can be sought after from the same camps. You can even go after the “Newfoundland Slam” by adding a black bear tag!

About Woodland Caribou Hunting


Woodland Caribou Hunting

Hunting Packages
Woodland Caribou (6 available/year) – $ 25,000 (includes License & Taxes)

Add-On to Packages

  • Bear Add-on – license included  (to Moose/Caribou hunt) – $1,500.00
    • Allows you to hunt bear during and after your scheduled Moose or Caribou hunt fully guided.
    • Must purchase as combo prior to hunt start.
    • Includes bear hunting license
    • $1,800 if added during the week after successful on Moose/Caribou
    • Note: Guide and Hunting Location may differ if you’re successful on your Moose/Caribou early in the hunt, and continue to hunt Black Bear.

Add-On Moose Hunt $4,500
Additional Week – $ 4,500.00
Non-Hunter – $ 2,400.00

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