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Moose Hunting

With Conne River Outfitting

Vast areas combined with our management style and ability to limit pressure on our Moose leads to quantity and quality animals each year!

Moose hunting is our forte. Our moose management areas (Area 25, 26 and 37) boast high hunter success rates, as well as phenomenal trophy opportunities. This area has an excellent moose population which has translated into a 90%- 95% shot opportunity across our camps. Each year, our hunters take bulls in the 30” to 55” range, and our remote areas help to sustain the herd for optimum trophy potential.

Our guides have been hunting and guiding this area for years.  Generations of expertise and hunting passion are passed onto your Moose Hunting experience. Hunting from any of our camps, we typically hunt moose by two main methods, each varying by guide/hunter style.

About Moose Hunting

How we hunt

Spot and stalk: offers tremendous opportunities and can cover a large area of terrain by foot, boat (or ATV at our drive-in lodge). Spotting from high points or “look-out’s” allows us to get to a great vantage point, spot the game, and make a plan to get close.

Moose calling: when the call is on, this is by far the most exciting way to hunt moose. You’ve never experienced anything like a bull moose swaying into range, grunting with every step! We typically reserve true aggressive calling techniques to during the rut, when bull moose are on the move, looking for the next receptive cow.


Experience Newfoundland Moose Hunting

Hunting Packages

Eastern Canadian Moose Lodge Hunt – $ 8500.00 (includes license & taxes)

Add-On to Packages

  • Bear Add-on – license included  (to Moose/Caribou hunt) – $1,500.00
    • Allows you to hunt bear during and after your scheduled Moose or Caribou hunt fully guided.
    • Must purchase as combo prior to hunt start.
    • Includes bear hunting license
    • $1,800 if added during the week after successful on Moose/Caribou
    • Note: Guide and Hunting Location may differ if you’re successful on your Moose/Caribou early in the hunt, and continue to hunt Black Bear.

Additional Week – $4,500.00
Non-Hunter – $2,400.00

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